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University of Bath International Postgraduate Scholarships 2011 , UK

Postgraduate Scholarships for International applicants in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences at University of Bath in UK

Study Subject: Humanities and Social Sciences
Employer: University of Bath
Level: Postgraduate

There are 10 scholarships. At least two are reserved for MRes candidates.Be an international applicant for MSc or MRes postgraduate studies in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences for 2011 entry. The scholarship is worth £2000 and will be in the form of a discount in tuition fees. The taught postgraduate scholarship is for one year only and cannot be deferred to a later year. All our scholarship holders are chosen for their academic excellence. We will also use the information you provide in the separate scholarship application form to judge your application together with your original course application.If you already have a partial scholarship from another organisation (including another University of Bath scholarship such as a University or Alumni award) for part of your tuition fees, you can combine this scholarship with another one provided that it does not equal more than the cost of your tuition fees.

However, we will not give a Graduate School Scholarship to anyone who already has a full award (from another organisation) to pay for their tuition fees.If your financial situation changes, then the University reserves the right to reconsider the award. For example: in the case that you were awarded a full fee scholarship from another organization you would no longer be eligible for the Graduate School Scholarship.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 29 July 2011


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