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Basel Univ Hospital Scholarships in Cellular/Molecular Biology, Switzerland

Published on May 02 2011 // PhD, Scholarships in Switzerland, Western Europe

We are seeking a highly motivated PhD student to complement our research team at the Department of Biomedicine, Basel University Hospital (Laboratory for Signal Transduction), Switzerland. Our lab focuses on delineating how cell adhesion molecule T-cadherin regulates signal transduction, cell morphology and motogenic behaviour in endothelial cells and tumor cells. Our studies provide functional and molecular insights into mechanisms linking progression of cardiovascular/metabolic disease and cancer. We apply divers in vitro and in vivo techniques encompasing cell biology, molecular biology, biichemistry and microscopy.

The candidate is expected to posses flexibility with respect to learning and using our portfolio of techniques. A solid practical background in molecular biology and cell biology/signal transduction is advantageous. Only serious and hardworking students with good interperseonal abilities/skills should apply.

Requierements for the PhD position are master’s diploma, or equivalent acceptable for immatriculation at the University of Basel, preferably in biochemistry, molecular biology, or cell biology. Excellent knowlege of written and oral communication skills in english is essential. Knowledge of written and spoken German would be beneficial.

The position is open from July 2011. Salary will be according to SNF guidelines (approx CHF 39,000-46,000/year). Please send a short motivation letter, your CV (including statement of research experience), and names and addresses of 2 references by email. Documentation received by post will not be returned.

Prof. Therese Resink
Laboratory for Signal Transduction
Basel University Hospital
Hebelstrasse 20
CH 4031 Basel


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