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PhD Studentships in Food Technology at the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT), Netherlands

Published on Apr 18 2011 // Scholarships in Netherlands, Western Europe

ISPT is looking for a: PhD student with Food Technology or Process engineering background

This project (screening of mild disclosure and fractionation techniques) is a collaboration between several industrial partners like: Unilever, Heineken, Cosun, DSM and contract research institutes, such as TNO. The project is composed of individual PhD projects, each focuses on different types of raw materials. For this specific PhD position, the specific raw materials under consideration barley and malt.

This position will be at Wageningen University, positioned in the department of Food Process Engineering and in close co-operation with the department of Food Chemistry. The project work should start with characterisation of the physico-chemical state, biochemical, physical-mechanical and techno-functional properties of different constituents in the raw materials under consideration, aimed at using the insights for selection of process principles, which will then be developed into the design of promising new, mild routes for processing of these raw materials.

Job requirements and description:

As mentioned the project is a cooperation between several of our partners.

Your contribution will be focused on identifying the biochemical and techno-functional properties of the proteins present and on process development and up-scaling, which we strive to continue in an industrial setting.


To perform excellent in this job we ask:

  • MSc degree in food technology or process engineering from a European university;
  • Additional to this experience with both areas;
  • Fluent in English;
  • good communication skills;
  • comfortable in working in a multicultural team;
  • Analytic in approaching problems, creative, innovative and both result & team oriented.

Conditions of employment

The position is at Wageningen University, department Process Systems Engineering. We offer a full-time contract for 4 years, with good possibilities to find a next position as researcher at one of the partners of ISPT. Your salary will be in line with the Dutch (academic) standards. Furthermore, you will also benefit from the opportunity to do research that is scientifically challenging and of industrial relevance. You will benefit from other attractive secondary labour conditions.

Contract type


4 years, with good possibilities to find a next position as researcher at one of the partners of ISPT


  • Location: Wageningen, Netherlands
  • Function types: Research, Development, Innovation, PhD positions
  • Scientific fields: Natural Sciences, Food, food technology or process engineering
  • Education: University Graduate
  • End procedure: 10 June 2011
  • Job number: AT FO-10-06-C



ISPT, the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology is a partnership in which industry, universities and knowledge institutes work closely together to develop breakthrough technologies for application in different sectors of the process industry. Our ambition is “To support the processing industry with new processes and knowledge to provide them with answers to the limited availability of resources”. We innovate processes and make them increasingly sustainable. ISPT promotes the Cradle2Cradle philosophy by closing loops and preventing waste streams. So far, over 60 companies from the Food, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Chemical and Process Water Industries, together with 10 knowledge centres, have joined ISPT. The estimated budget is EUR 80 million. The research program covers all aspects from (fundamental) knowledge generation to technology implementation.

ISPT Partners:
• Acordio • Agrotechnology & Food Sciences group WUR • Akersolutions • AkzoNobel • Albemarle • Amafiltergroup • Aquastill• Aquatec • Avantor Performance Materials • Bodec • Bronswerk Heat Transfer BV • CDS • Delft University • DSM • ECN • Eindhoven University • Evodos • Feyecon • FIB industriële bedrijven • Fluxxion • Frames • Friesland Campina • GCA • Heineken • Huntsman • Lyondell • MACT • Ministry of Economic Affairs • Mosaic Systems • MSD • MTSA • NIZO • NL Guts • Norit X-flow • Paques •PDC • Perdix • Pervatech • Proxcys • Purac • Raton • ResQlab • Royal Cosun • RWTH • SABIC • Screening Devices b.v. • Shell• Solsep BV • Syncom • Synthon • TNO • Top • Twente University • Unilever • VITO • Wintershall • Zeton

Additional information

For more information about the project please contact dr. O. Trifunovic (tel. +31 10 460 55 25) of Unilever.

Please send your application including your grades and certificates.

Please note that incomplete applications cannot be taken into consideration.


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