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Spanish Government Scholarships 2011 For Master and Doctoral Studies

Published on Jan 23 2011 // Masters, PhD, Scholarships in Spain, Western Europe

The annual call for different programs MAEC-AECI Scholarships for foreign citizens, representing the bulk of the training offer higher education to study in Spain by foreign funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Scholarship programs are an important instrument of Spanish cooperation policy with countries receiving official development assistance and also an essential element for cultural and scientific relations between Spain and the rest of the world.

Scholarships are available to foreigners to study in Spain during the summer or during the academic year. This announcement is published in the Official Gazette (

It is very important that applicants and interested read carefully the full text of the announcement of the scholarships and their bases in the corresponding resolution.

Each of the different programs MAEC-AECI Scholarships for foreigners, has a specific profile that describes the target audience, its endowment, its specific requirements, etc., Which should be carefully consulted in the call for potential applicants.

CALL DATA 2011/2012
The conditions outlined above will be updated with each call

IA Program – Scholarships for foreigners speaking for summer language and Spanish culture in Spanish universities.

IB Program – Scholarships for foreigners from countries with relevant sites and associated academies of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) for both training collaboration.

IC Program – Scholarships for foreign scholarship renewal of Scholarships MAEC-AECI 2009-10 (Program ID – RAE).

II.A Programme – Scholarships for foreigners to doctoral studies (by the plan as old as the European Higher Education Area) and research in Spanish universities and their affiliated institutions, as well as other research and higher learning Spanish.

II.B Program – Scholarships for foreign master’s degree (official title proper), expertise, expert, and research in Spanish universities and affiliated institutions, research organizations, Spanish, and other non-university schools.

II.C Programme – Scholarships for foreign diplomats and foreign university graduates for the Masters in Diplomacy and International Relations at the Diplomatic School of Madrid.

II.D Program – Scholarships TORDESILLAS to Brazilian officials for specialized courses in Spanish universities Tordesillas Group.

II.E Program – Scholarships for Foreign Scholars Renewing the call for MAEC-AECI 2010-11 (Programs II.A, II.B, and II.E) for 2 nd year of Master studies, Specialization and Research and 3rd and 4th year PhD.

II.F Program – Scholarships for Foreign Studies Master On-Line/Semipresenciales, or Expert Expertise in Spain.

III.A Program – Scholarships for Latin American at the College of Europe (Bruges Campus (Belgium) and Natolin (Poland).

III.B Program – Scholarships for Latin American in Florence European University Institute (IUE).

III.C Programme – Renovation Grants for Latin American Fellows MAEC-AECI CV 2010 – 2011 (Programs IV.B and IV.C), for 2 nd and 3 rd year at the European University Institute in Florence (IUE).

IV.A Program – Scholarships for citizens of countries with which Spain maintains programs for Development Cooperation for Training Library Library in Hispanic and Islamic AECID in Madrid.

IV.B Program – Scholarships Scholarship Renewal MAEC-AECI for VC 2010 – 2011 (IV.A Program – Training Librarian).

VA program – “Institutional Scholarship” to study master’s and Ph.D. in Spanish universities and their affiliated institutions and public research institutions in Spanish.


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