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MSA Charitable Trust PhD Scholarship at The University of Auckland Business School

Published on Jan 06 2011 // Oceania, PhD, Scholarships in New Zealand

The Scholarship was established in 2009 and is funded by the MSA Charitable Trust.

The main purpose of the Scholarship is to fund postgraduate students who are admitted to the PhD programme at The University of Auckland Business School to undertake research on a topic which is judged by the selection committee to have the potential to impact on New Zealand business and/or business development in a globalising world.

Closing date: 31/03/2011
Value of Award: $25,000
No. of awards: One.
Tenure:Up to three years.

Selection process:
Full-time enrolment in a PhD degree at The University of Auckland Business School.
The basis of selection will be potential academic merit; an assessment of the quality of the proposed topic of the research and its potential impact on New Zealand business and/or business development; and an assessment of the applicant’s ability to complete the thesis in a timely manner.
Consideration will also be given to leadership potential, potential contribution to industry, past study and experience in areas relevant to the proposed topic, written and verbal communication capabilities, interpersonal abilities, project management skills and demonstrated skills as a self-starter.

General Information:
How do students apply?
Applications by way of a form may be made through The University of Auckland Scholarships Office by 31 March 2010. The timing of the availability of the Scholarship will be advertised from time to time. It is strongly recommended that potential applicants discuss the Scholarship with the Director of the PhD Programme prior to making a written application.

Decision makers
Each scholarship will be awarded upon the recommendation of a Selection Committee comprising the Dean of The University of Auckland Business School (or nominee), the director of The University of Auckland Business School PhD Programme (or nominee) and one other professor from a discipline different from that of the director of the PhD Programme. The donor will also have the right to nominate a representative if the Donor so chooses.

How and when do students learn of the decision?
Approximately six weeks after closing date by letter.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?
To comply with the full-time study requirement in Regulation 3, the amount of additional and paid work a PhD student may undertake must not exceed 500 hours per year. International students must comply with the maximum number of additional and paid hours set by the Ministry of Immigration (as of 1 December 2008 this maximum was 20 hours per week). Each year recipients of MSA Charitable Trust PhD Scholarships must sign a statutory declaration that, in the previous academic year, they have complied with the regulations for the Scholarship and that they give an undertaking that, in the current academic year, they will notify the University of any change in their enrolment status. The University of Auckland may, in the event it can be established that a recipient of a MSA Charitable Trust PhD Scholarship is not complying with these regulations, terminate the Scholarship and require repayment of the funds received from the date of the breach.

Additional Information

The Scholarship is open to domestic and international students. The Scholarship will be paid as a fortnightly stipend.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:
The Scholarship Office
The University of Auckland

Private Bag 92 019
New Zealand

Phone: (09) 373 7599 -Ext: 87494
Email: scholarships[at]


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