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Kulika Scholarship Programme

Published on Aug 10 2010 // Africa, Masters, Non Degree, Scholarships in Uganda

The Kulika Scholarship Programme exists to provide an opportunity for suitable Ugandan people who do not have the necessary personal resources to gain academic or vocational qualifications which will enable them to contribute more effectively to the development of the nation.

Full or partial scholarships are awarded in diverse fields of study. These include animal sciences, engineering, data communications, health sciences, agriculture and education.

Most scholarships are awarded for study within Uganda, and a very few for study overseas.

No undergraduate scholarships are awarded overseas, and overseas postgraduate scholarships are awarded only in specialist areas of study where suitable courses are not available locally.

A small number of vocational scholarships are also awarded each year to provide non-degree training in fields such as nursing and other health-related disciplines.

In addition, applications will be considered from disabled people who wish to undertake technical or trade training.

Each year the Scholarship Committee of Kulika Uganda agree the priority areas of study for which scholarships will be considered.

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